Lesson 13: Conclusion (Part 2)

InVitro fertilizationAfter three months of fairly intensive study, it is probably time to end this series. If I had to mention one take-away it would be our present inability to dal adequately with the mystery of a pregnant woman carrying a child.

Many in the Pro-Life camp speak of the unborn child as an independent person whom the justice system should protect. They support this by citing biblical verses claiming God knows us while we are in the womb. Much is made of society speaking for the unborn child who cannot speak for self and that tends to be making at least some forms of abortion a crime.

The Pro-Choice group speaks of a woman’s right to control her own body which includes the decision about carrying a child. I think this implies that the child is part of the woman’s body although I have never seen this specifically mentioned. The mysterious unity of the pregnant woman and child is a circumstance where they literally live as one. The woman certainly has the primary responsibility to speak for the unborn child who is totally dependent on her for life. Giving society priority over the woman involved is presumptuous.

Most of those I read in both groups believe the unborn child is a sacred life created in the image of God. Because of that, both think the way we handle abortion is a major ethical concern. Right now the Pro-Life people think this means passing laws to control it while the Pro-Choice group believe we should do this through teaching cultural values.

As Debby observed, a compassionate analysis of all the arguments leaves you with more questions than answers. I think we are going to find ourselves in this position for some time as we work out the challenges modern technology makes on the mysteries of life.

The good news is God is with us as we do this. The Gospel proclaimed by Jesus never offered absolute answers but responded to the needs of persons in real-life situations. I think that is what we are called to do. Our job is not to judge others but to provide for their needs. And we can be assured God works with us as we do that.

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