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  1. John Myers says:

    We begin this discussion with the assumption that there are two sides and we need to find common ground. I find this frustrating since, as Christians, we should be of one mind with respect to natural rights and human rights. We should work together to ensure our government acts to uphold these rights equally for all people. Public policy should not have a side. We should work to eliminate the boxes that politicians desperately put everyone into.

    We should be equal shareholders, with equal footing, status, and voice. In what? In the USA corporation. In the world corporation. In the humanity corporation. And yes, in the Gods Children corporation. This does not mean we will agree, but it does mean each will respect the other. It also means each will have responsibilities and we must be willing to accept…… no embrace them.

    I will admit that I am a government minimalist. I believe, as Jefferson firmly did, that the least government possible is the best government. Knowing my own sinful failings and knowing the government is made up of people like me tells me we must limit our opportunity to fail. We must do all we can on our own, and I believe the process of giving to and loving each other is corrupted with all-to-convenient third parties.

    I also think the perspective changes significantly if Gods left hand belongs to Hitler. Of course, in the midst of this emerges a Bonhoeffer. I think we should have more voice and shine more light on places where injustice rules over rights, places like China or certain African states.


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