Announcement and Invitation

I am ready to complete the course on John. I plan to handle it a little differently. In one of my face-to-face classes a family doctor said it was evident to him that John was tackling the questions the early church asked. Would that more pastors did that!

So I decided to write the lessons to a postmodern audience, emphasizing how John helps us rather than seeking a correct theological interpretation. Although you probably have been trained to read the gospel proclaiming who Jesus is and what he does, you also have to recognize the theme throughout is “Do what I do”. For instance, his version of the love command is “Love one another as I have loved you”, quite different than the other three gospels.

I’ll start next Wednesday, April 9 looking at what John says about pastors.

Some of you have already shared my loss of a dear friend, Bob Nordvall. Bob was our most frequent commenter. I miss him very, very much. In fact, his death is probably why I have not started back on John earlier. Hopefully, some of you will replace him as a voice contesting what I say.


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