Lesson 11: A Christian Lifestyle

Eating and talking togetherIn response to Paul’s request for actions that Christians could take in the pandemic, I decided to repost the “Lifestyle of the Company at Kirkridge.” It was my alternative community for many decades.

Over those years the discipline of the Company changed to keep in tune with the times. Constant was meeting with the group several times a year, because companions “share food and conversation.” In the early years, there was a formal accounting for actions taken since the last gathering. Even when the formality was dropped, the accountability was maintained by simply having to face one another on a regular basis.

The discipline also included praying for each another, studying the scriptures, and participating in some social ministry program.

At one of our gatherings we drew up a lifestyle we felt was appropriate for our group. I have always believed it serves as a guide for any Christian. I hope you will take some time to ponder it, especially in terms of your own actions. I also think the lifestyle works as a response to the pandemic.


1. Live well below your economic peers.
2. Live as tenants of a small, fragile planet.
3. Pay attention to beauty.
4. Be generous.
5. Avoid waste.
6. Do nothing from prestige alone.
7. Delink from the worlds value systems.
8. Make a real, contemporary, Christian community your reference point.
9. Choose productive, non-violent vocations.
10. Practice “fasting” or reducing one’s needs or wants.

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